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jolittitta (21 minutes ago) I don't understand nothing!!! People, Europe where have u been???!!! I see so much comments of those who are not satisfied by the esc 2007. Actually, me too!
But why then Serbia with their f****n song won?!! I can't believe!
Oh, and tell me please, it was a boy or just an ugly girl (I mean Serbian's vocalist)?!! Ha ha!


chimaira79do (6 hours ago)
great performance @ fu**ing eurovision-"vote for your ex-block-partners"-contest!

great music from great rock and metal-finland!

thought that this song will reach the first 6 - and ours (germany), too ... but this contest isn't a contest where good bands with good messages win ... you need "friends" and it seems, that finland has not much friends as f.e. "former republic of yugoslavia"-countries have ...

every year the same: 12 points from germany to turkey - why? think about it .


mirjelana (4 minutes ago)
best song didnt won.You must be bizzare like to be lesbian like the winner of this year,Bosnia was much better but our Maria isnt lesbian.


orjed (9 minutes ago)
There was many interesting songs, but she is UGLY (When i saw her first time i was thinking thats a man [like in denmark])


orjed (12 minutes ago)
All South Europe countries (Montenegro, Croatia and other small places on terrain of Yugoslavia) voted on her. This music was the worst song on whole Eurovision. This is such boooring... Congrats for divide Serbia & Montenegro... BUT THIS IS PIECE OF SHIT!


limestone99 (17 minutes ago)
ahahha you crazy mother fuckers... that chick is ugly as a hat full of bums... and now you lot have all desided to lock yourselves in your room .... aha one very important thing my friends... the rest of the world doesnt even give a shit... you all started in the same country anyway and most like the same people... and one more thing... HOW CAN U SUPPORT A WOMAN/MAN (im not really to sure shes feckin ugly tho) THAT CANT EVEN HIT THE RIGHT NOTES...


satanicsquirrel01 (30 minutes ago)
that song totally sucks, im afraid. Električni orgazam should have done it instead lol. they also suck, but this sucks more. bleurgh this is the typical type of SHIT expected to win eurovision.


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